Your 6 Figure Music Business Blueprint

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Are you frustrated with not getting a record deal, or not being able to make a living from your music?

In this course, you will learn proven Business Strategies that can be applied to any field in music.

Not only that but we show you a sure-proof way of how to turn fans into profit.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how to find your perfect audience
  • Convert your audience into loyal followers
  • Earn a monthly income from your followers
  • How to do market research
  • Set up your own website
  • How to convert your fans into email subscribers
  • Free traffic methods
  • How to do effective social media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube Viral Hacks

Topics for this course

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1 Introduction

Welcome and Overview
What will you learn in this course?
The 3 Step Process
But does selling music still work?
Alternatives to Performing Arts
Free Bonus

2 Market Research

3 Websites

4 Email Marketing

5 How to Drive Traffic

6 How to Rank on Google

7 YouTube

8 Final Thoughts

About the instructor

Ettienne was born in South Africa and started playing the piano from the age of eight. His father, Deon, played a big role in his life from an early age by teaching him about music. After graduating from high school, he studied music and sound engineering at the Conservatory of Arts and Culture in Pretoria, South Africa, after which he started working as an assistant sound engineer at Cesar de Almeida. He later opened his own studio in South Africa, where he worked on many artists' songs over the years. Among others Bobby van Jaarsveld, Ghapi, André from Romanz as well as Danie Botha. He has since moved to Argentina. During his 21 years in the music industry, Ettienne worked on many different genres, from pop to classical music. He has an abundance of experience with music arrangements as well as mixing and mastering albums.
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Moet sê dit is n baie goeie "course" en gee jou or as genoeg inlugting ...

I got this course for my son, he really loved it!

Really excited to apply what I've learned!

Finally a course where I actually learned something new!

I found this extremely informative.

I hope this course finds its way to every solo musician!

This course is a wealth of information.


Do you have any other courses available?

5 Stars!

Love it!

Who knew an email list could be this valuable! Very interesting!

I absolutely love all of these ideas! Very original...

Some smart ideas, every struggling musician should apply for this course.

Kan dit in Afrikaans ook wees? Baie goed Ettienne!

I am really impressed with all the added benefits I received with this course. Real value for money!

Great stuff Ettienne!

I just finished the course and I can't wait to apply what I've learned!

Very informative and user friendly. I really enjoyed it!

Awesome course. The free bonus inside was a nice surprise as well. Now I can apply what I am learning at no extra cost.

The course deals with many things which is a good thing, right! I started feeling overwhelmed at some stage.

As the course suggested, I decided to start with only one of the traffic methods and add some of the others later.

I think the course is a great way to kickstart your own or your band's online music marketing.

I liked the course.

Is there a way to convert it into a video course as well?

Not needing a record label, is quite an eye-opener.

This course really makes you feel empowered to actually go and get things done for yourself.

Not done yet, but from what I can see so far... Great course!

Very informative course.

It provides another angle, compared to the traditional road musicians take to try and get their voices heard.

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  • You don't need any previous knowledge of music marketing.

Target Audience

  • Music Artists
  • Music Teachers
  • Worship Leaders
  • Band Leaders
  • Vocal Coaches
  • Music Producers
  • Songwriters
  • Music Agent
  • Music Director