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August 20, 2022


You and/or your band have spent months perfecting songs in your garage or in a recording studio. Honestly, you aren’t full of yourself but the songs sound really really good. Everyone you let hear them is blown away and everyone wants to get a copy and or pass your CD along to their friend who knows somebody at a record label or something along those lines. You are getting some love on social networking sites and it looks like all you have to do is add the final touches on the album and press up a few CD’s and they will be a hot commodity. Everyone keeps saying “I can totally hear that on the radio”. So finally after having the CD mastered and pressed, you have a box of thousands of CD’s in your house. After you get a copy to your friends, reality sets in and you realize that you will either have to stand outside or find a way to promote the sale of the record. So, you put together a promotion plan that involves, internet music sites, social networking site, local shows, battle of the band-type shows, and any other option that fits within your budget. After a few months of religiously promoting your new album, you have a few new hardcore fans and have sold a few more CD’s. The problem however is that your realize that you are competing with so many other bands even the bands with horrible albums. And without a budget its hard to rise above the noise.

So one day you decide that getting your song on the radio would allow you to reach a wider fan base and really help you build a buzz. All the research supports this idea and you set out to contact a radio station. You choose the most known radio station in your city and check out their website. After finding some contact info, you email and call the station, introducing your incredible new album. You present it with a really nice pitch and tell them how fans will love their station for supporting a great new album that is going to explode. Everyone at the station is fairly polite and even listens, but week after week your song is not being played. Finally you contact a local radio promoter and he says he can help you but his fees are $54,850. At first you think he’s screwing with you…but then he breaks the cost is how he will spend your money;

Promoter for small market radio: $31,000

Ads in radio trade papers/on air: $20,000

Promo EP duplication for radio: $2,500

Postage: $1200

Mailers: $150

So there you have it.

Now, in real life you could probably get some results with less of a budget but these figures still hold true today. And, to add to that horrifying price-tag, there is no guarantee that the promoter can even get your song played. Many times people are tricked by promoters using the word “servicing”. Servicing means that the promoter will get your song into the hands of the music director (oftentimes not even that high up…interns, etc). These factors and a few more are the reason why radio has been such a holy grail and quite frankly an untouchable one to most artists bands in the past.

No worries, this article isn’t all gloom and heartbreak. I am here to share a secret with you. It is a very hidden secret and not many people want you to know about it. There is a way to get your songs on the radio. And I mean the real radio not this radio website stuff. I mean the steak-and-potatoes, real FM and satellite radio stations that you hear everyday in your car. There is also a way to do this with a money-back Guarantee…Meaning that if your song doesn’t get played a certain number of times per week, you get all of your money back. What an insane deal you say…well, don’t take it from me…Check out

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