Important Vocal Training Tips You Must Know

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September 12, 2022

Are you interested in learning how to sing better? If so, you’ll want to check out these important vocal training tips. These tips by Jacaranda Flagg will help you develop your singing voice and improve your vocal technique.

Many newbie singers struggle at developing their vocal talents when it should not be the case. If you are one of them and you are feeling frustrated at your seeming inability to meet your musical goals, maybe you have set your standards too high. Even if you are not a particularly talented singer, you can still manage to sing beautiful tones, vibrato and rip through the high notes.

This is possible by getting the right vocal training. You will probably have heard of vocal techniques like the “lip roll”, “interval training” and “lowering your larynx”. Vocal training tips such as these can serve as good starting points for beginners as well as troubleshooting remedies for singers who have acquired bad singing habits during the course of their career.

Of course, there are many singers who have been born with the talent. However, most of them will have their voices untrained. Even if you are a natural born singer but have no intention of going into singing as a career, you need to have some training to shape your voice to a particular degree. Through studying technique and regular singing practice, your voice can reach its full potential.

The primary obstacle that all singers need to overcome is laryngeal control. The vocal cords are located in the larynx. These are actually fine muscles that vibrate to create sound. The upper part of the larynx functions to swallow food. This act of swallowing forces the larynx to move upward.

Achieving control over the vocal cords and other muscles in the larynx is possible. In doing so, not only will you see an improvement in the tones you produce, you will also eliminate the tension and strain that is commonly seen in novice singers.

One technique to accomplish this is “lowering your larynx”. Just follow these steps…

1) Place your index finger over the ridge at the top of your Adam’s apple.

2) Say the word “drum” and sustain it. This will cause your larynx to shift up and down.

3) Next, sing one whole song while keeping your finger in the same position. You should feel the movement of your laryngeal muscles.

Another technique is called the “lip roll”, which is geared toward warming up the throat muscles. The “lip roll” can also expand your vocal range, improve the tones that you produce, and improve enunciation. Here are the steps to doing the “lip roll”…

1) Place your hands on each cheek. Slide your hand slightly sideways while pushing inward at the same time so that you can feel your teeth.

2) Blow through your mouth like “spritzing a raspberry” with uncontrolled lips.

3) Murmur the five vowels “ee ay ah oh oo” in a sustained fashion as you blow through your mouth. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

As you do this exercise, you will notice that some vowels are more difficult to sustain than the others. This knowledge will be to your advantage when you start singing complete songs.

The third technique is “interval training”. This is primarily used to train your hearing while you sing. It will help you to identify and become familiar with note leaps that occur within scales. For example, in the C major scale, the first note is C and the fifth note is G.
Interval training will familiarize you with the pitch interval of these two notes.

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