Compilation Albums Terms and Conditions

There are 3 options to participate in a compilation album:

A. Preorder of albums by family and friends, through a Crowdfunding Campaign.
B. Paying for a song over a 4 or 5 month period.
C. Paying the full amount with one installment. This is the cheapest option.

Please see the album’s registration page for the cost of each option.

We will create your Crowdfunding page for you if you decide to choose Option A. You can then share this page with friends and family.

Option B is payable over the period of months as indicated on the album’s registration page. The music production, vocal recordings, mixing and mastering will take place during this time period.

Your vocal recording will be done at a qualifying recording studio (of our choosing) closest to your area. The budget is limited to one hour of recording time per song.

One hour of studio time for a lead vocal recording is more than sufficient if you are well prepared. If this process takes longer, you will have to cover any additional studio time/costs. This includes any additional costs because of late arrivals or late cancellations, according to each specific recording studio’s terms of service.

There are a limited number of places on an album. We will process registrations on a first come first serve basis. For this reason, filling out a registration form will not guarantee you a spot on the album.

Furthermore, we need to get at least 9 registrations to make it a 10 song album (although we are always aiming for 15 songs) including the main artist’s 10th song. Therefore, the production of an album will only be confirmed after at least 9 registrations. You will only receive an email with payment instructions (or your Crowdfunding Campaign discussion) from us after we have at least 9 registrations.

In the event that some of the registrants cancel after an album was confirmed or do not meet their crowdfunding target, making the total number of songs less that 10, we will fill up the album with songs we recorded in the past or songs from other compilation albums we are working on.

Changes to music and mixes (if needed) are allowed to be accommodating. Any large changes, like for example, key changes after live guitars have been recorded or voices that need to be re-recorded, edited and mixed will carry an additional cost. If a certain style/genre was decided upon before the production of a song/s and the client requests a different style after receiving die music/pre-production there will be additional costs (up to full price) depending on how large the changes will be.

The key and BPM (speed) of a song should be finalized before the date of music production. Any key changes or BPM changes after music production will have an additional fee.

Medleys (one song made up of different songs) will have a higher tariff than the normal tariff per song. A quotation will have to be done per medley depending on the number of songs and the total length of a medley.

Songs longer than 5:30 will carry an additional cost. In other words, a 6-minute song will be calculated by (base cost) x 1.25
7-minute songs will be calculated by (base cost x 1.5)
9+ Minute song/medley (base cost x 1.75)
11+ Minute song/medley (base cost x 2)
Musicians may cost more if songs are longer than average.

Background voices are included in the price and are on average 2-4 tracks (doubling a main vocal count as a backing vocal) per song and are included in the base tariff. If the client wants many double voices to create a choir effect, ex. 6+ backing vocals per song, there will be an additional fee.

Songs in the Jazz, Big Band, Ragtime genre will have an additional fee.

Any examples, suggestions, and changes can only be made by email. Audio/Mp3 attachments or Youtube/SoundCloud example links should be in an email. WhatsApp can’t be used for this purpose since it’s much easier and more reliable to search through an email history to avoid any misunderstanding. Sometimes files and instructions messages/voice notes get lost (deleted) on WhatsApp.

We work with a thorough schedule in the studio to ensure on-time delivery of projects. A schedule will be provided for music production and vocal recordings. If example songs and/or song instructions are not handed in before the start date of the project it may affect the deadline of the project because of other client’s bookings. It’s sometimes possible to swap days with other clients but not always. In some cases, late submissions will force a project’s deadline later to honor other client’s deadlines.

You need to submit a sample arrangement and instructions for each song. Rather we hit the mark and do changes (if needed) to a song than having to redo a complete arrangement which will have an additional cost since it takes 8 hours on average to produce the music of a song (before live musicians).

You will be able to order CDs for reselling. Shipping fees will be extra if CDs need to be posted to you. A minimum of 50 CDs can be ordered at a time, at R40 per CD.


This Agreement was last modified on February 3, 2021.