Singing – Turn a Harsh Throaty Voice Into a Crystal Clear Voice

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September 17, 2022

Do you long for a beautiful, crystal clear voice? This simple technique will show you how to bring your voice forward and out of the throat, giving you that clear, sweet singing voice that you want.

Nasal voice placement

Before we start this, I want to state that this is an exercise only, to help you gain control of directing your voice, and not intended as a way to sing in public for people!

I’m sure that as a child, just fooling around, you put your voice in your nose. Maybe you pretended you were a monkey. Perhaps if you speak French, you can produce a nasal sound easily.

So, that is where we want to start, making an “E” sound as nasally as you can. It may feel funny and sound funny. Most of my students have a good laugh, when we do this exercise, and we have great fun. So, just have some fun with it.

Practice singing some notes to the “E” vowel using your nasal placement, remembering that this is just an exercise. By placing your voice in your nose, you have actually directed your voice and have a “handle” on it, so to speak. And that is my purpose. Practice this for a while until it comes easily.

Next, put your index finger upon your nose, close to the bridge, as you sing your nasal “E.” Feel the vibration in your nose. Now move your index finger to your front lip, just above your teeth on the gum line. You probably don’t feel vibration there. The vibration shows you where you have placed your voice.

Follow your finger with your voice

Sing a long nasal “E,” while you are doing that, drag your finger from the bridge of your nose, all along the tip to the spot just above your teeth, where we were before. Pretend that the voice is following the finger. Use your imagination and really focus on that finger.

You may need to do it a few times, before you begin feeling a vibration, where your finger stops. The vibration will tell you that you are successful. Not only that, but you will hear the voice change from nasal, to forward only. If you have been singing in your throat, forward will sound clearer and sharper, while the throat sound is more fat and fuzzy.

This will require some practice to fully master, but you will start seeing results very soon. You will get to know when your voice is forward, and that is half the battle. The more you practice the easier it will get.

Reading aloud is good. And if you can integrate this habit of using your voice forward, while speaking, it will become a habit much faster and much easier. After all, you speak more often than you sing, so think of all that practice you’ll be getting.

So, whether you’re a veteran singer, or just learning to sing, if you want to sing more forward and have a clearer voice, you can certainly achieve it. This little exercise is a real gem.

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