Singing Your Positive Affirmations Makes Them More Effective

August 17, 2022

Add singing to your daily positive affirmations, and the effectiveness will be doubled. Singing can improve your mental state and your body, and helps you focus only on the positive. For example, singing “I love myself, I love myself through and through, I love myself from outside in – this is what I do” can help you improve your life.

In a case like the above song, reading the lyrics without even singing them can create the positive feelings and vibrations that people seek when doing positive affirmations. The goal with positive affirmations is to send out positive (happy) vibrations in a request to the universe instead of negative (sad or angry) vibrations. Knowing what kind of vibrations you’re sending out to the universe can help change things in your favor.

This works well with music because music is a natural vibration and also has a tendency to get stuck in your head. Think of a time when you had an advertising jingle stuck in your head – agencies do this on purpose with the goal of making you buy their product. By using positive affirmations in music form, you can use this same technique on yourself. The key to making a positive affirmation work is repetition, which is certainly something that happens when a song is stuck in your head. Setting your affirmations to music will get the affirmation going on auto-pilot in your subconscious.

Using the above example, the phrase “I love myself” is an excellent statement to have on repeat in your head. People aren’t used to saying that they love themselves, so it might feel a little silly, but it’s a positive and uplifting message, after all – everyone wants to be loved. The songs that will stick tend to be memorable, catchy, and simple, so look for songs that fall into those categories.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why music works so well for affirmation. The answer is simple – the auditory cortex of the brain continues to work at all times, even when a person is tired or stressed out. That’s how things get etched into your memory. The reason that positive affirmations move to the front of your memory, even when you’re not feeling very positive, is because they’ve been repeated enough.

This is why positive thinking is important. When a person is under stress of any kind, their brain will usually resort to old habits. The goal with affirmations is to make them a habit, so that when your brain reverts to habits, the habit will be a positive one. This is why songs work so well as affirmations – they’re already buried in your brain.

Another positive habit to get into is being aware of the words you choose. Negative words like “don’t”, “can’t”, and “won’t” should be avoided, even when used in a seemingly positive way – “I won’t lose”, for example. The goal with these habits is to emphasize optimism and remove pessimism.

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