Social Network Marketing – It’s All a Twitter!

August 23, 2022

Turn on your PC, switch on the TV or talk to anyone, anywhere and everyone seems to be talking about Twitter. And in case you didn’t know already, Twitter is the fastest growing social networking website on the Internet. And why is this?

Well, there are many reasons and here a just a few…

1. It’s easy to join and it’s very easy to use. Even the most PC illiterate or computer handicapped amongst us can figure out how to use it. You just join up and follow people, who in turn will generally follow you.

2. It’s very convenient. You just login and tell everyone what you’re doing. Then you can strike up a conversation with someone who might be living in your town or anywhere in the world.

3. You can use it to meet like-minded people and make new friends. You can contact people who might be interested in exactly the same things you are, which could be music, gaming, gardening, selling on eBay, collecting antiques… or anything.

4. If you are a musician you can use Twitter to promote your music and ask people for reviews. If you are a writer or an artist you can also share your work with others and get their opinions.

5. But, the most interesting use of Twitter in recent months is for marketing purposes. Where there’s a crowd, there are possible leads, prospects, future clients and customers.

Internet marketers of all experience levels are flocking to join Twitter in order to sell their wares. But, beware… Twitter is NOT an open marketplace. Blatant upfront marketing will only get you banned from the site.

However, there is a subtle way to build a list of prospects on Twitter and a massive list at that. What’s more, it’s possible to build a list of thousands of followers within a few short days and at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

But, this is not how you would go about building a list say with Google AdWords or any other list building method for that matter. Building a list on a social network site is different, very different.

This is taking marketing to a whole new level, a higher level, a more respectable level, and a more acceptable level. And it could also prove to be a much more profitable level too. This is “Social Network Marketing”.

By that I mean it’s like selling to friends and family. This is about building credibility, trustworthiness, honesty and integrity first. Then offering your product or service, second. It’s like acting out the sales pitch of your sales letter, only your sales letter now becomes your script.

Successful Social Network Marketing is all about making friends then selling something your friends might want or need. Only it never actually appears to be “selling”. For many marketers this is going to be a whole new learning curve.

One thing is for sure, Twitter is here to stay and Social Network Marketing is just emerging as the new online sales technique that every Internet marketer will have to master.

So… What are you doing?

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