The Timeline of Private Singing Lessons

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August 18, 2022

Private singing lessons are different for every person, considering that voice, just like finger prints, are particular and unique to every individual. There are some important things which one needs to consider. One factor is your instructor or vocal coach. Under the mentorship of an effective teacher, you are almost halfway across successfully enhancing your voice and finally becoming the best singer you can be.

The second factor to consider when it comes to the subject of private singing lessons is the timeline during which lessons are taken. In order to achieve the greatest possible improvements or positive difference in the singing voice, one needs to know and understand that just like any other forms of education, consistency matters. When one takes lessons unswervingly, the more that he or she absorbs all the learning and skills being taught.

The timeline when private singing lessons must be taken in constant duration is one year and six months up to 2 years or a total of 24 months. This applies to wannabes who wish to become R&B, country, gospel or pop singers. Aspiring to be a classical singer may take 6 or more years.

From zero to six months’ duration, this is the time when students adjust and try to get over insecurities and shyness in singing and using their voice. This is also the period of adjustment to the new singing technique being taught. For the majority of students, this is the period which is hardest to prevail over. Yet as they feel more confident despite the mistakes they commit, that is when they develop self esteem and start to realize that everything is beginning to work perfectly.

At 6 months to 1 year is the so-called lock-in period or the time when students are already mending any break in the techniques they are taught.

From 13 to 18 months, loose ends in learning the techniques are already being tied up. This means that major difficulties are overcome and the technique simply needs polishing and perfecting. This is also when students are supposed to already possess uniformity in their entire voice range. Together with repertoire, the new vocal range opens and students are already finding their own voice.

For the remaining 19-24 months of private singing lessons, students may already begin the path on being an artist. From being skilled and mechanical, they are closing in on becoming the artistic performer.

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