Where To Sell Beats Online

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August 24, 2022

This article is going to list and break down the best places to sell beats online. You will learn a few secret tips for selling your beats and how to make the most money. If you have been wanting to sell your own instrumentals but never knew how then this article will be your guide.

The first secret tip for selling beats online is to price your beats smart and affordable. If you think your beats are the best and you deserve to be paid lots for them, that doesn’t mean you will be. A lot of artists online don’t have big budgets to spend on beats. That’s why you need to price your beats in the $19.95 range for leases and $100 – $300 range for exclusives. You may run into 1 artist who has a bigger budget can will spend $500 or more on a exclusive beat.

Use the $19.95 because it’s a proven price that works and connects with peoples mind on a subconscious level. It’s a marketing strategy that pulls people in to buy your product. Try it today and you will see a boost in sales.

1. The first site to sign up to and sell your beats is beats1.com. This is a brand new site for producers to join up and start making money from their instrumentals. They have a good amount of traffic to their site already. Many third party sites online have weird pay out systems but beats1.com is very reliable. Sign up today before the rush of other beat makers do.

2. The second site for you to use is rocbattle.com. Roc battle is pretty good because they have a good traffic ratio that leads to sales. The amount of producers on this site is very large so you will need to find ways to make artists buy your beats and not the other producers beats.

3. The third site for you to join is sound click. Sound click is by far the biggest website for artists and producers to share and sell their music. Large amount of instrumentals are sold every day on sound click and will never stop. Having a page on sound click is not enough to make loads of money. You need targeted traffic. Once your page converts well and you have good traffic, you will see beat sells all the time.

There is many other third party websites to use but honestly, lots of them are not legit. Many of them don’t even send out producers earned money. Only use the sites recommended here because they have been tested and proven to be safe for everyone.

Apply all of this today and you will be well on your way to selling beats online.

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